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"I got the part! Your audition taping is the best! Thanks so much for your help!"
    - Sarah Allen (recently cast in the lead for Beepa Boys, directed by Deepa Mehta
The very funny Stephnie Weir (MadTV, Big Day, The Millers) booked a series regular role from an audition taped at QuickNickel. She'll be starring in The Comedians, alongside Billy Crystal and Josh Gad.
"You are definitely a part of the village of expertise that helped get my reel to the point of selling! THANK YOU - YOU ROCK!"
    - Kelly Holleman
"Robert brings an extraordinary amount of skill and passion in helping his clients achieve maximum results. I have worked with Robert many times, and always walked away knowing I hired the best guy possible. He is intuitive, incredibly professional, and his breadth of knowledge about his craft is an asset no actor can do without. Besides that he is a great person so you always feel like you are working with a friend who is rooting for you. That is an advantage that is a priceless commodity."
    - Chris Kinkade

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